Indirect pitbull attack

A friend to the family has recently become a tilesetter, and eager to do some work to add to his portfolio, he wished to put tiles in my parents guest toilet. </backstory>
With that said, he has a dog that he can’t leave on its own for too long, so it gets to come along with him. The other day I had the surprise pleasure of meeting this dog. Such a lovely dog! She is much different from the dog I grew up with, mostly in that this dog will eat anything! She was absolutely crazy about rabbit treats. Speaking of rabbit treats, Harry had to be locked up on the upper floor, which he didn’t mind all that much since he usually likes to hang around on the upper floor in the daytime anyway. But let me tell you what happened when I went upstairs to say goodbye to him when I was leaving!  I reached down to pet him as usual, but instead of lowering his head to receive my affection, he dodged off! I followed him, gently talking to him and asking what’s the matter, and when I reached out my hand again he attacked me! He was extremely upset at me reeking of dog, I don’t even think he recognised me. We have discussed before that Harry seems to recognise people by scent and be wary before he gets to smell them, and this clearly proves it. He thought I was a dog! I wonder had he attacked the pitbull if he had the chance? He did leap towards it the first time it was visiting, and he tends to attack people he doesn’t know. Seeing how the pitbull treated the glove i gave it to play with, I dread the thought of the outcome of that fight! 
Harry! You have to be more careful. You’re big, but you’re not invincible!
I kissed a dog and I liked it

Invincible Harry

Quick post

Well, I still haven’t gotten myself to update regularly, and right now I don’t have time to do a long post.  So here’s a quick update to keep myself from worrying over not updating my blog, hah.

Today I bring you a taste of my latest interest, sculpting!  I found a box of super sculpey in the attic, and since it had been stored properly (cold and dark) it was practically as new!  Eager to try it out, I made this bunny, loosely based on my beloved Harry.  The proportions aren’t realistic, and it’s rather rushed as I just wanted to get something done fast! -But under the circumstances I’m happy with it.  These pictures were taken before curing, it is now cured and I am planning to paint it. New pictures will come when I do.  I have since started on a wolf sculpture, trying to keep to the right proportions and the like, which has proven to be quite difficult and not nearly as fun, so it has been put on ice for a while. Just typical, isn’t it?  I think i’ll do a couple of more fun and careless sculptures until i get the hang of it, before trying to do something “correct and proper”. 

When/if i do finish the wolf, a step-by-step progress will be posted here.
Rabbit sculpture

                                                                                                   (click to view larger)