Hello there! If you’re reading this then you probably have some questions regarding me and this blog. I have wanted to create a blog for some years now, not about a particular subject, but more generally about my interests and doings, mainly to keep track of my time and remind myself of the things i like. You see, I’m not the happiest of persons, but I don’t want my blog to turn into whine central, but the thing in my life that are actually good and make me happy. That said, I’m not planning to sugarcoat every post i make, but noone likes to read about other peoples misery. Or maybe they do? Either way, you’re not getting it here!

Some info about me:
I’m 25 years old, female, and i live in Stockholm, Sweden.
My greatest interests in life includes animals of all sorts, most types of art, reading, baking, and enjoying good music. I tend to be really passionate about a certain subject and obsesse over it for a period of time, until something else grabs my attention and the circle starts again. These things generally have something to do with one of my main interests though.  This will probably affect the nature of my upcoming blog posts. For the record, as i’m writing this, my current obsession is nail polish, but it seems to be right in the middle of changing to sculpting.  That will be interesting.

And one last thing! I haven’t decided yet whether to write this blog in Swedish and English, or just English.  I shall experiment and see.

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