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When I was a kid my mom and I used to do all sort of cooking and baking and other stuff that you do in a kitchen. I particularly remember enjoying making marmalade. So, when there was a sale on oranges the other day, I decided to make some marmalade!  I had never made it myself before, so I looked up all kinds of recipes, and I eventually decided on a recipe in my regular cook book for “easy made citrus marmalade”. It was less complicated than the others and called for the use of a food processor. I just bought a used food processor online and I am constantly looking for ways to use it. I love it! It’s an old sturdy model that’s made  to last and not break within a year like new appliances tend to do.

I started off with cutting off the orange part of the peel and put that aside, then i cut away as much of the white stuff as I could and removed any seeds. In conventional recipes you’re just meant to chop up the oranges and keep the ends and seeds and boil them along with the rest, wrapped in a piece of cloth, since that’s where most of the pectin is.  Now, I can’t stand the white stuff on oranges, so I removed as much of the white as i possibly could, and used sugar with added pectin to make up for it.
Peeling the oranges
Aside from regular oranges, I used two blood oranges to get a nice colour, and a lemon so it wouldn’t be too sweet.

Orange peels
And here are the peels that i’ve put aside and shredded, the recipe didn’t call for this but i want nice shredded peels in my marmalade, otherwise you’d just throw them in the food processor along with the rest.

Into the food processor
I cut the oranges up in big chunks and dumped them into my awesome food processor.

Nice and blended
I let the machine do its magic and now it’s nice and blended. You can also see the special sugar I’m using. It’s made specifically for use when making jam or marmalade. You can use regular sugar, but there is a higher chance it will get runny. This pretty much guarantees a nice consistency, and it makes the product last longer. I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially on my first try!
Adding everything to the pot
Now it’s time to take the biggest pot you’ve got and add the orange mush and peels! The sugar is added later.

Here the oranges have boiled for quite a while, then I added the sugar and let it boil for another while. Nearly done now! It smells amazing at this stage.
Also, any big pieces of white stuff or seeds that i missed have floated up to the surface now and can be easily removed along with the foam.
All done!
I didn’t have any fancy jars, so I just used whatever empty jars I had. Now, it’s extremely important the jars are absolutely clean!  I washed them thoroughly, then filled them with boiling water and let them sit for a while. Then I emptied them and put them in the oven along with the lids at 120 degrees Celsius for 20  minutes to be sure they’re completely sterile. I then poured the marmalade into them while they were still hot and put the lids on. All Done! 
I tried it out the next day and man.. I’ll never eat store bought marmalade again!  If I had to complain about something it would be that I managed to make it a bit thick. But that’s better than too runny, at least. I think that can be helped by boiling it for a slightly shorter amount of time next time.   Oh, and I brought one of the jars to my boyfriends mother when we went there for dinner. Now that’s some easy points! The other jar I’m giving to my mom, and the third (and biggest) I’m keeping to myself! At this rate, i’ll have to make more soon!

I know you’re just dying to make your own marmalade now, so here’s the recipe I used, from a cook book found in most swedish kitchens, “Vår Kokbok”, with slight modifications.

1 kilo (2.2 pounds) oranges or mixed citrus fruits
8 deciliters
(3.38 cups )of water
11 deciliters (1 kilo) sugar.  
(4.65 cups/2.2 pounds)  (I used sugar with added pectin)

Brush the fruits under hot water. Cut them in smaller pieces.  (I peeled them with a knife first and saved only the thin orange part of the peels)
Mix into a pulp in a food processor or blender. 
Add fruit and water to a big pot and boil under a lid for about 20 minutes.  
Remove the pot from the heat and stir down the sugar, a little at a time.
Boil rapidly for 10-15 minutes without a lid.  Let it sit fora moment and then remove any foam.
Pour marmalade into clean hot jars, all the way up to the rim and put on lids. (careful, everything is extremely hot! Use oven mitts or pot-holders.)
Done! Put a nice homemade label on the jar and you have a great going away present.
I think next time I’ll try to make pure lemon marmalade, maybe with some lime for colour. I love lemons!

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