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Well, I still haven’t gotten myself to update regularly, and right now I don’t have time to do a long post.  So here’s a quick update to keep myself from worrying over not updating my blog, hah.

Today I bring you a taste of my latest interest, sculpting!  I found a box of super sculpey in the attic, and since it had been stored properly (cold and dark) it was practically as new!  Eager to try it out, I made this bunny, loosely based on my beloved Harry.  The proportions aren’t realistic, and it’s rather rushed as I just wanted to get something done fast! -But under the circumstances I’m happy with it.  These pictures were taken before curing, it is now cured and I am planning to paint it. New pictures will come when I do.  I have since started on a wolf sculpture, trying to keep to the right proportions and the like, which has proven to be quite difficult and not nearly as fun, so it has been put on ice for a while. Just typical, isn’t it?  I think i’ll do a couple of more fun and careless sculptures until i get the hang of it, before trying to do something “correct and proper”. 

When/if i do finish the wolf, a step-by-step progress will be posted here.
Rabbit sculpture

                                                                                                   (click to view larger)

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